We offer best in class healthcare solution with a full spectrum of IT services and solutions for Healthcare industry which gives quick ROI and Business Results.

Scottline helps healthcare organizations establish a secure, agile digital infrastructure that helps eliminate data silos and enables seamless, HIPAA-compliant data exchange for better clinical collaboration. We empower the healthcare industry to accelerate innovation in support of value-based care models that drive greater patient engagement and deliver improved outcomes.

Scottline implements cutting-edge technology to enhance care delivery, optimize clinical processes and accelerate innovation in healthcare.


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Key Executives

  • Venkat Garikapati

    Founder & CEO
  • Rajesh Chilukuri

    Chief Strategy Officer
  • Kris Murthy

    Vice President
  • Prasad Velaga

    Director of Operations & Client Services
  • Pallab Jati

    Architect Data Integration & Security

Sales & Marketing

  • Tim Ashawa

    Client Engagement Manager
  • Scott Boysen

    Business Development Manager
  • Hunter Hughes

    Business Development Manager
  • Brooke Ray

    Business Development Manager
  • Anna De Markov

    Business Development Manager

Advisory Board




  • Dhaval Brahmbhatt

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  • 23% of organizations are improving corporate reporting or dashboards.
  • 32% of organizations are improving resource usage by Big data Analytics as it helps in control the cost by creating a more efficient business and better supply chain.
  • 46% of organizations have implemented or plan to implement operational performance analytics, which examine organizational data to make day -to-day processes more efficient.
  • 48% of Healthcare companies are currently using Big data Analytics, which offered a new way to healthcare organizations to develop actionable insights, organize their future vision, boost up the outcomes and reduce time to value.
  • 57% of organizations have implemented Clinical data Analytics, which analyze patient data to improve treatments and health outcomes.
  • 60% of healthcare organizations in U.S. are known to have an interface engine.

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