Comprehensive Heart Care, PA has worked with Scottline Healthcare Solutions for three months during which time we have found them to provide excellent, personal and attentive service. Our accounts receivable needed a lot of work. Scottline stepped in and provided our company with an option that enabled only part of our Billing Department to have to be outsourced. This enabled us to leave our billing staff in place, providing them time to work more efficiently, doing what they do best. Scottline is very knowledgeable and well versed in billing and coding. Since working with Scottline, there has been an increase in our practice revenue.

This was done by Scottline finding charges that had slipped through the cracks, or under coded and even services not billed at all. They performed an audit of our accounts receivable and pointed out some areas in which we could improve. They have a detailed business analytics team to provide us with metrics and data. They also provide our physicians with an application that provides them with the ability to review data anytime and anywhere via phone, tablet or PC. Our experience with Scottline can be defined as excellence, which results from professional's that are dedicated to teamwork.