Billing Services

Collect more efficiently from payers and leverage new patient payment opportunities.

From low-ball pricing from competitors to clients consolidating or joining ACOs, billing services face intense and ever-increasing pressure-and unprecedented opportunities.

Scottline Healthcare Solution offers you the complete, end-to-end platform of cloud-based solutions you need to meet those challenges and seize those opportunities-now and in the future.

With an industry-leading 98%+ clean claims rate, innovative self-pay and point-of-service patient collection tools, powerful analytics and more, Scottline Healthcare Solutions can help you operate more efficiently, tap into new sources of revenue and differentiate your service offerings from your competitors.

  • 67% of consumers want credit card payment options.
  • Receiving a bill electronically has generally improved consumer's relationships with those billers by 44%.
  • If a claim is denied, it is at least 30 to more than 100 days delayed.
  • Predictive analytics to forecast the Cash Projections [Waterfall model Analysis]
  • 69% of electronic claims are processed in 7 days, compared to only 29% of paper claims.

Claims Management:

Clean claims are the key to a healthy revenue cycle. The more efficient your claims processing, the faster your clients get paid-and Scottline Healthcare delivers an industry-leading 98%+ first-pass clean claims rate. Boost payments while reducing AR days, headaches and time spent on claims with Scottline Healthcare Solution's Claims Management solution.


Lost remits and the time-consuming process of posting payments manually translate into costly delays and unrealized revenue. Scottline Healthcare Solution's Remits solution, you'll receive all your clients remit's electronically-from all payers and in one system.

Eligibility Verification:

Ineligible patient insurance coverage causes more than 75% of all claim rejections and denials by payers. And logging in to multiple payer websites for eligibility information is a time-consuming hassle. Now it's fast and easy to verify patient insurance coverage and co-pay amounts up front with Scottline Healthcare Solutions Eligibility Verification.

Patient Payments:

Patients are more likely to pay-and pay sooner-when you make it easy for them. Yet dedicated credit-card phone lines, costly POS terminals and separate reporting for different payment options make day-to-day operations too complicated, error-prone and expensive. With Patient Payments, it's easy to process credit/debit card, cheque, ACH and cash payments from any PC-and get real-time reporting of all transactions.


What's really going on financially in your client's organizations? Where do they most need to improve-and how? Will you be able to help them recognize and correct issues early-before they can significantly impact their financial health-and yours? How are they performing compared to similar providers-and what can you learn from that? Take charge with Scottline Healthcare Solution Analytics and gain insight, track performance and see alerts when key metrics aren't being met.

Patient Statements:

Scottline Healthcare produces and sends over three million paper and electronic statements every month. Our high volume keeps your costs low and our patient-friendly, customizable formats encourage quick payments and improve patient's satisfaction. Reduce billing costs and accelerate patient collections with Scottline Healthcare Solutions Patient Statements.